WordPress: A versatile content management system – Simplicity at its best!

Is it actually arty or just puffed up? Let’s find out some interesting facts about WordPress!

Largely, people have this idea that WordPress is a self-publishing platform. If you mentioned it five years ago, it was partially correct. WordPress started as a blogger platform but over the years evolved into a versatile CMS that allows you to create a fully functional website and varied mobile applications. Yes, you heard it right – A comprehensive website fully loaded with functionalities!

Let’s quickly peep into the history – May 2003, version 0.70 released with an idea of making personal publishing simple, accessible and easy to manage.

Today, times have changed and so has technology, WordPress is now more mature and stable – focuses on user experience and follows web standards meticulously. In the WordPress platform, thousands of plugins, widgets and themes – enables you with the capability to publish, edit, modify, delete and maintain content from a centralised interface. I know you must be thinking that’s too much but that’s how WordPress is – purely powerful CMS that creates beautiful and highly functional websites. It not only stores and manipulates the information but displays it perfectly. Truly, a complete community platform – By the people, for the people!

Technoid is a cost-effective WordPress Development Company in dubai that has designed a variety of websites for customers across all business domains, ranging from educational institutes to retailers.

Facts of WordPress:

  1. Around 75 million sites are driven by WordPress
  2. Powers 23% of the websites, runs more than 66 million websites
  3. More than 45,000 plugins available and estimated download is around 285,000,000 times – million
  4. 37 million searchers for keywords per month
  5. Offers complete translations in a numerous different languages including Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French, Dutch and the rest.
  6. Better than Joomla and Drupal
Wordpress Development Company in Dubai
Wordpress Development Company in Dubai

Benefits of WordPress:

  1. Ease of use : Easy to use and intuitive interface makes WordPress so popular. You can quickly add new pages, blog posts, images etc. It’s a technology that saves times and produces perfectly – No wastage of time, 100% productivity with least efforts!
  2. Easy to manage : You can easily manage your website from any computer as this is browser based platform. Without any technical assistance you can easily manage a website, which saves both time and money!
  3. Open source : It is an open source platform that means code written can be used by developers that saves lot of time and cost of writing and implementing a new one. You can easily modify, distribute and use the code without having to pay for its subscription or licence.
  4. Simplicity and usability : Users with no technical expertise can easily try their hands on this CMS, it is easy to setup, update and manage.
  5. Quick creation : A speedy way to start a new website without any hassle. You can easily create a fully functional website, interfaces and applications using APIs.
  6. Search engine friendly : Coding is simple and clean, making it easy for search engines to read and index sitecontent. Minimal search engine optimization efforts required as images, posts and pages has their own Meta tags, titles, descriptions optimized for targeted keywords. You can enhance your optimization by creating your tags.
  7. No technical know-how required : It is a self-contained system that requires no HTML editing or FTP software. Easily, you can create a new page or blog post, upload images, documents, video files, format text etc.

Drawbacks of WordPress:

  1. Vulnerable : As it is open source, no authorities are there to monitor, every theme is written by a different individual. Chances of bugs are inevitable but you can always install a plugin to counter this.
  2. Require constant updates : Updates are frequent and necessary - increases your website risk- which often cost you very high. If you fix a budget on its maintenance than it is a great CMS else stick to other solutions.
  3. Numerous resources required : You need a theme and few plugins to run effectively. One major shortcoming – The more plugins you install the slower your website becomes. Select the right plugins!
  4. Earning Restrictions : Advertising or Google AdSense can’t run on WordPress. No commercial activity on your own - No paid posts, link selling, review products etc. - allowed here. However, you can apply to WordAds – A WordPress advertising program – to run your ad.

If you have a proper plan and a clear vision than WordPress is a wonderful option. Technoid is a cost-effective WordPress Development Company in dubai that has designed a variety of websites for customers across all business domains. With over 70 million websites using WordPress and almost half of the top 100 blogs running on it – Its popularity and reliability is certainly not debatable!

To make it effective, you need to use it smartly! Technoid has made serious effort to utilize this open source for the best benefits. Some of the best examples so far include http://www.v-da.ae/, http://www.tncenter.com/, http://www.thereaderme.com/ and http://www.greensymbol.com/.

We create simple yet functional websites that marks its presence on global platform differently. We manage each of our resources with full dedication and make sure it stays secure. We make you believe – WordPress is the right choice!