Technoid: My Entrepreneurial Journey So Far!

Decision Making and flexibility, an opportunity to possess service methods that are customer-friendly having measured quality standards – This is what entrepreneurship means to me!

I chose Technoid, the name, to represent my entrepreneurial venture. Technoid gave me the wings to fly high and demark my limits! It’s been over a year, and when I look back – My journey so far seems to be reasonably satisfying and enriching. Being a part of the corporate world for more than 14 years, I witnessed numerous highs and lows – thankfully, as it has carved my entrepreneurial skills and created a niche out of an earnest, hardworking, dedicated, efficient and reliable employee. In all those years of my service, I learnt one thing – Focus completely on your goals, rest all will fall in place. Additionally, my exposure to professional working environment and multinational culture gave me the courage to ignite my entrepreneurial spirit. Technoid is web development company in Dubai with proven expertise in developing B2C & B2B websites using Shopify, WordPress, Magento & other full stack technologies.

Technoid is my toddler who is learning every day and so am I. Every small step which it takes makes me proud as an owner. I am glad that Technoid is speeding up and doing reasonably well, really a gratifying moment for me as a founder! Since inception, I deliberately followed one ground rule – Go slow but steady! For me, accelerating client’s profit figures, multiplying efficiency and bringing in a culture of ROI is utmost important. Fortunately, this journey to date, has given me some amazing opportunities wherein I managed to deliver my best possible technical expertise not only to start-ups but to enterprises that have been around for a long time too.  So far, Technoid has effectively delivered 12+ projects including online stores for SMEs, infrastructure engineering for academic institutions, enterprise software deployment pertaining to customer requirements, setting up PMOs and process frameworks for companies across different domains and websites developed for established firms. Additionally, Technoid successfully partnered with various software vendors who have niche product offerings. These small yet significant wins, works as catalysts for our productivity and momentum.

As a service provider, client’s needs and preferences are supremely important to me. My motto is to follow the most innovative approach and bring our best to the clients. If our cutting-edge strategies and advanced technical concepts help your business grow and succeed, I as a owner of Technoid feels privileged.

If you need help in putting together a robust strategy that define realistic steps towards success – Technoid can be your ally!