Shopify Development Plan

About Project:

The website was designed and developed using Shopify, enabling our Client to reach out to their target audience primarily in Kuwait, and other parts of the world. The Client’s prime demand was that the interface must be niche, modern and brand empowering while catering to a wide audience. User journeys must be short with all designs available with minimal clicks and ease. The e-commerce site allows to visually communicate the client's brand to their shoppers while offering them designer clothes for every occasion.

Shopify Development Plan Includes:

  1. Shopify Lite - For just $9 per month
  2. Basic Shopify - For $29 per month
  3. Shopify - For $79 per month
  4. Advanced Shopify - For $299
  5. Shopify Plus - Designed to support an established, large-sized business.

Posted on:

December 27, 2020


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