E-Commerce: A Business Trend That Has Potential To Last Forever!

E-Commerce: A Business Trend That Has Potential To Last Forever!

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you have to keep up with the changes – this is what E-commerce demands!

Nothing comes handy; generating revenues is a huge responsibility but it opens up numerous opportunities too – E-commerce is doing that! As we peep into the history – it appears to be incredibly interesting. Surprisingly, as it may sound, around 40 years back, e-commerce came into existence in the form of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI replaced traditional mailing and faxing of documents with a digital transfer of data from one computer to another. Trading partners could transfer orders, invoices and other business transactions using a data format that met the ANSI ASC X12, the predominant set of standards in North America. Technoid FZE offers Ecommerce Website Development in Dubai with proven expertise in developing B2C & B2B websites using Shopify, WordPress, Magento & other full-stack technologies.

Ever since, e-commerce has been consistently growing with new innovations, technologies and business trends. This business methodology is here to stay – Stylish and Convenient– Anytime, Anywhere shopping capability– just exactly what today’s consumer demands.

UAE’s E-commerce market is predicted to grow as a main megatrend in the coming years, which is fairly motivating. According to Frost and Sullivan, UAE’s E-commerce market is expected to reach $10bn (Dh 36.7 billion) in value by 2018.

Few Advantages That Adds To UAE’s E-commerce Expansion:


Challenges For E-Commerce In UAE :

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With all these challenges in hand, e-commerce is still standing tall and strong – For one reason – It’s incredible capacity to grow with time!

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