big data

Business Intelligence Tools For Managing And Visualizing Your Data

Data is massive and multi-layered, which is ultra-complex and increasing exponentially! What factors attributes to this explosion of data? Well, the fast-growing mobile data traffic, cloud computing traffic as well as the rapid development of technologies like IoT and AI. Analyst firm IDC confirms estimates that over 5 billion consumers interact with data every day and this figure will rise …

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Shopify: Build Smarter Stores To Scale-up Your Business Online!

An all in one e-commerce solution, known for its versatility, functionality, and constantly evolving quality with simplicity, is what we think of Shopify. This fully-featured e-commerce platform focuses on growth, substantial gains and scalability; offering customer insights and full-time technical support along with state-of-the-art technology, to both small and big merchants like Nestle, Kylie, Leesa. We are mainly focused on …

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Why Accounting Software Is Needed In UAE Post VAT?

Since introduction of VAT in January 2018, businesses in UAE and Saudi Arabia, are being compliant and keeping their accounting and financial systems up—to-date.  In case, companies fail to do so, they are subjected to penalties, under Section 25 of Federal Law No.7. Government has clearly stated that a business owner is solely responsible for adhering to all VAT requirements.  …

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agile schema

Agile Project Management Methodology – Benefits & Tools

A Segmented approach in software development process that focuses on continuous releases at all levels and delivers project in small, usable batches! What is Agile? Agile is a time-boxed Iterative software delivery model that promotes software incrementally from the beginning of the project, rather than delivering it all at once. These small segments are developed and tested in fixed & …

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WordPress: A Versatile Content Management System – Simplicity At Its Best!

Is it actually arty or just puffed up? Let’s find out some interesting facts about WordPress! Largely, people have this idea that WordPress is a self-publishing platform. If you mentioned it five years ago, it was partially correct. WordPress started as a blogger platform but over the years evolved into a versatile CMS that allows you to create a fully …

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SEO: A Necessity That Nurtures Your Business – To Grow Exponentially!

Competition never rests! To outpace yourcompetitors, more than a surplusbudget, you need an effective yet serviceable strategy. Strategy is the keyword here – that too – Customised! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics that optimizes your online visibility and increases relevant traffic – Organically – termed as “White Hat or Ethical SEO”. Basically, White …

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project management

Project Management: How Beneficial It Is For Your Organization?

Project management is one of those things that sounds interesting and looks easy – Let’s discover the reality! Project Management is the discipline of using established procedures, principles and policies to manage a project and its deliverables. Right from project initiation and planning followed by execution to its formal closure, each phase of the project has its own significance and …

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E-Commerce: A Business Trend That Has Potential To Last Forever!

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you have to keep up with the changes – this is what E-commerce demands! Nothing comes handy; generating revenues is a huge responsibility but it opens up numerous opportunities too – E-commerce is doing that! As we peep into the history – it appears to be incredibly interesting. Surprisingly, as it …

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Technoid: My Entrepreneurial Journey So Far!

Decision Making and flexibility, an opportunity to possess service methods that are customer-friendly having measured quality standards – This is what entrepreneurship means to me! I chose Technoid, the name, to represent my entrepreneurial venture. Technoid gave me the wings to fly high and demark my limits! It’s been over a year, and when I look back – My journey …

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Me And My Brand “Technoid”

Mukesh Bathija: An enthusiastic, dynamic and principled technocrat! I believe in dreaming big but real! Making someone else’s dream a reality is what motivates me. Do you dream? Technoid is an aid that empowers me to fulfil all your dreams – Come let’s grow together! Just like any common man I also dream – but dream big! Big doesn’t mean …

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